Artists Catalog

A supportive community of high-quality artists operates in workshops dispersed throughout the building in the applied arts, including ceramics, copper art (chiseling and sculpting), contemporary Judaica, and glass art (stained glass, sculpting, and mosaics).
You can register for a creative experience in the artists’ workshops.

Artists catalog of the house

List of resident artists according to
field and location in the building

Ground Floor

Sapir   Shpovolov – Cupper art
Gabi Tubul – Jewelry
Daniela Yachin – Ceramics
Kupaietski David – Judaica
Shelest Anatoly – Painting
Kalmar – Design of Learning Spaces
Yaakov Bloch – Judaica
David Shapira – Art glass
Leonid Kritson – Art glass
Exhibition Gallery

 Floor 2

Pnina Burg – Creative Enamel
Avigdor  Bezalel – Judaica
Avi Biran – Judaica
Anna Epstien – Jewelry
Dalit  Frieman – Embroidery for synagogues
Lera  Lemberg Clothing design
Zilla Mazor – Jewelry
Shalom Shoval – Jewelry
Ronit Tehila Sachar – Ceramics
Hana Bahar Panet – Judaica
Gaya Smith – Ceramics
Shlomit Granat – Paldor – Ceramics
Oded Davidson – Judaica
Miriam Orbach – Jewelry
Dorit Joelson – Jewelry
Hanna Aschheim Painting
Ronit Yekutieli Glass art
Yael Vloch – Glass blowing
Naomi Sarel – Fantasy art
Michal Ben – ari – Jewelry
Eli Deitch – Painting

Floor 3

Michael Ende – Judaica

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