Tours in The House of Quality


1) Guided tour and a view of the history and creation of art in Jerusalem: “Jerusalem you never knew”

The Jerusalem House of Quality invites you to enjoy a fascinating tour of a surprising part of Jerusalem history and an experiential art space where you will watch artists as they work.

Come and discover the building that was the only hospital that served members of all religions in Jerusalem. The tour will take you through surprising and unknown tales, revealing a fascinating history and art, and of course you will be awarded a unique view of the walls of the Old City.

What awaits you on the tour?

  • Get to know the mysterious heraldic emblems of Scottish nobility
  • Visit the original, 90-year-old Armenian ceramics room
  • A beautiful khan-like courtyard
  • You will hear the special story of the building that formerly was the St. John Hospital
  • You will learn about the process of creating jewelry as it was two thousand years ago—compared to today.
  • A silver scroll copy of the oldest Priestly Blessing in the world awaits you
  • A meeting with unique Jerusalem artists and an option for creative workshops on site
  • A unique, guided view from the roof of the house, with a different and interesting look at unknown tales and history, facing the magical sight of the Old City walls and the Yemin Moshe neighborhood.
  • Artist workshops with works of art that are surprising in their originality, accompanied by a description of the sources of inspiration
  • Duration of the tour is one hour
  • The tour and the activities can be adjusted and expanded to suit the needs and timetable of your group

Prices: 20 NS per participant/15 NS for senior citizens/12 NS for children

Tour dates are by telephone appointment only, press here to sign up for a tour

2) Additional enrichment options and other activities

An artist’s lecture that will present artistic processes and various sources of inspiration. The lecture will be accompanied by works of art that are surprising in their originality, accompanied by a description of the sources of inspiration of these works.

Duration of the lecture: 45 minutes

Price of the lecture: 500 NS

Various artists’ workshops are available with additional payment

The experiential activity can be tailored to the needs of your group

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 a) “Riddles and Their Solution (or not) in Jerusalem”: The story of the silver scroll, symbols, and charms in Jerusalem

Heraldic emblems, a silver scroll, and charms that were found near the Jerusalem House of Quality: The lecture will relate the cryptic story of the heraldic emblems, the ancient silver scroll, and the charms that were found at the building and nearby. It will review the findings in their historical and mythological context and will offer the audience solutions or additional riddles.

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b) Ancient and “Modern” Hebrew Writing

Why and when was the writing changed? Findings and hypotheses following the discovery of the ancient silver scroll near the building.

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c) Jerusalem: Its Diseases and Doctors in Light of the St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital that Operated in the Place

The story of 19th century Jerusalem through the diseases and their treatment: from charms and incantations to modern medicine.

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