Kalmar - Design of learning spaces

Israel’s leading company for design learning environments and study spaces

Kalmar was established with the aim of providing thought, planning, design and production processes to a study space while observing the needs of the space and the local audience. The understanding that designing a learning space is fundamentally different from a business design and certainly does not end with decorating the space is the beginning of a process that will yield fruit for two years.
Kalmar has many years of experience in producing learning spaces, learning-supporting visuals, and challenging learning games. At the beginning of our career in 2008 as designers (salaried employees) in a workshop for the design of learning spaces at the Psagah Center – Jerusalem. Over a period of five years, we designed and produced spaces of various sizes and took part in the dissemination of the gospel of visual literacy to learning spaces. As an independent in the field, we have performed a large number of productions of various sizes for many schools, institutions and bodies.

Performed Kalmar projects