Danny Azoulay

דניאל אזולאי

Blending traditional and Jewish motifs with a contemporary vibe, Danny Azoulay’s Judaic art bridges the past with the present, while looking optimistically to the future. 

In a career, spanning decades, he first achieved his artistic goals in his hand painted ceramic ritual pieces and now, he continues to do this in his intricate paper cut art. This is especially apparent in the ketubahs he creates. A ketubah, commemorating a moment in time and a momentous event, is meant to continue to be valid and meaningful to the couple throughout their lifetime and thereafter, for the generations to follow. Danny feels the weight of his role as an artist of getting this right. He strives to make an artwork to be cherished.

Danny’s art has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world and is included in many important Judaica collections.








דרך חברון 12, ירושלים

Things that Danny Azoulay has done: