Vared Anisimov

ורד אניסימוב
Split jewelry-by vered Anisimov
‏Vered Anisimov (born in 1991) is an Israeli metalsmith and jewelry designer, a graduate of the Bezalel jewellery and Fashion Department – Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (BFA 2021), presented in exhibitions in Israel and around the world including the “Alloy” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Design Pincotech der Moderna in Munich, Munich Jewelry Week, Germany, and won many design and art awards.
‏Vered creates silver and gold jewelry in combination with gems and textile materials that add a touch of color.
‏For Vered, metal smithing is a way to express an abstract thought and idea. In the work processes, she investigates nature and culture and asks questions in order to find an answer.
The studio holds workshops and private lessons in metal smithing and textile creation and prepares students for entrance exams in art and design – preparing a portfolio.




Things that Vered Anisimov has done: